Simple .NET library to display graphs

Hi everyone,

An example of graph
An example of graph

A very short post to share this first draft of a simple .net library to handle graphs. It allows to add nodes, pins, connections, and events on the graph. Some properties and events are directly accessible through the properties/events pane in visual studio.

It’s probably missing a lot in terms of functionnalities, however the below features are already there:

  • Nodes, Pins and Connections manipulation (Add, modify, remove)
  • Selected state, selectors (click, rectangle…)
  • Events (click, double click, picking on the connections)
  • So far, the nodes are only boxes, and only contains a main and sub titles. However, there might be other shapes later, with a way to customize the nodes content.

I’m using this component in a scripting tool I’m planning to add to the GameTools release.

If you find this component handy, or if you have feedbacks about it, don’t hesitate to let me know.



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Projects Update

Hi everyone,

I uploaded today a first version of EasyBiz, a small tool I made for managing my activity as Auto-Entrepreneur. It handles invoicing, customers, transactions, reporting, and even comes with a paypal integration. I’ll try to update it with a plugin for tax declaration (Net-Entreprise connector) soon. More info on the project page.

Aside of that, I’ve been working on a refresh of Gametools. Many bugfixes, but also a complete redesign of some of the apps. The most drastic modification is the introduction of a tool to generate and manage icons collections. (the idea is to be able to apply a modification such as the icon background or the icon shape on the whole set automatically). All of this as much vectorial as possible, and with spritemapping capabilities (so it should replace the current spritemapper). I hope to be able to upload a first version after eastern vacations.


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Simple Licensing Solution : new license!

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to introduce SLS: a licensing (and free) licensing solution. I’ve been working on it for about 3 years now, and it has been used by a french SME almost since the beginning (thank you if you read this).

I didn’t think of a community license when I started this project, but I finally changed my mind. So SLS now comes with a completely free community license. There will be limitations in term of number of products/license you can generate, however it should be far enough for indies.

I created a page on this blog about SLS. There isn’t much information now, but i’ll update it soon. Try it out!

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PlayAsia coupon!

Just bought a new game from PlayAsia: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. A must have for anyone who likes either JRPG or Studio Ghibli movies.

That granted me a $5 coupon I won’t use, so if you plan to buy something from PlayAsia, feel free to use it. (and then please post something on this page so other people know the code was used).

Expires on 3 Oct, 2013

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Gametools update!

new release of gametools (1.6.0).

  • – Wider support of texture format (from XNB assets)
  • – Several bug fixed (GXView UI mainly)
  • – Licensing system now using SLS
Working on the 3D model exports. It should be available in the next release. If you got a license for GameTools less than a month ago, contact me and i’ll send you a new one.
As usual, the download link is on the below page

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