Aerial Heroes: skyboxes

Here below are the first skyboxes we made for aerial. I used terragen (definitely have to buy myself a license for terragen 2), to generate the 6 textures of a cubemap, and the ATI CubeMapGen tool to create a single DDS cubemap, which should be easier to deal with as a resource than 6 png textures per skybox.

Plain blue

Above clouds

More about the project soon.

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Work In Progress : Aerial Heroes

Here below are initial screenshot of the latest project of Teapot-Studio:a fast paced shoot’em up. It looks pretty much like after burner climax, however the gameplay and level design should differ a lot.

Our initial draft, after a couple of hours…
One month later: dumb-but-shootable enemies, a decent skybox, and some eye-candy items like the lens flare or the water (kudos to Riemer).

We’re still looking for talents so if you wish to join the project, feel free to tell us what you can do. In any case, more news about this project soon.

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