NoScriptEd: Assets

One more video on NoScriptEd, this time focused on Projects Assets.

As you already know if you watched the previous video, you can create MainScripts and SubScripts in NoScriptEd. And when a script starts to reference an external file, be it an XML, a .ini, an image, a table, or whatever else, it’s time to use assets.

Here is the video. Make sure you watch it in high res, with Subtitles.

And as usual, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Introducing NoScriptEd

NoScriptEd is a tool for automated builds and high level testing. Basically, it’s a box-based scripting language with no need for a single line of code. As a video is probably better than a full textual description, here is how to use NoScriptEd to create a full automated build, from clearing files, to building VS projects, obfuscating & signing binaries, and even building a setup and uploading it to a server.



For now, it is really a beta version, as there is still a lot to do. However, I included it to the Gametools Suite (with no licensing restriction). Feel free to try it, and let me know if there are features you’d like to have in the tool.

In a next post, I’ll show how to create a short script for app testing.


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