XCross for XBox available!

After months of dev, tests, and reviews, XCross is finally available on the marketplace.

XCross is the first picross for XBox 360, and comes along with a lot of features : trophies, unlockables, hidden goodies… There is even several free token for ArkX hidden in the game!

We could establish a partnetship with picross-star.fr, and as a result, XCross contains more than 100 impressive picross.

The playlist of XCross is also a key feature : we did our best to have several different ambiances.

We are now hoping the sales will match our expectations, but if you liked picross DS, you should definately check this one out.

In this post I also want to thank all the people who made this release possible:

  • – Nestea, Nao and JLL (Teapot-Studio)
  • – Cyril from picross-star.fr
  • – All the picross creators (chantal-france, Eric Schwarzott, Estelle Martin – catsoun, le_nain_atchoum, poivre13)
  • – Gilles from PremiumBeat.com
  • – PersonneLesConnais (Grégoire Rainotti, Freitag, Joachim Christely, Eric Mansa)
  • – All the playtesters and reviewers from creators-club

More infos about the game HERE.

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Dream Build Play 2009

There we are!

After 4 months of hard work, we could upload one version of XCross for the Dream Build Play 2009 contest. There are many great entries this year, and If you don’t know indie games and own an Xbox360, you should really take a look.

Among the entries, several are really inspiring:

As for Teapot-Studio, we decided to focus on something simple this year. XCross is a picross game for 360, with 2D & 3D puzzles.

The first draft video is available here, and few screenshots here. We hope to see XCross on the indie games channel in a couple of months.

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