Teapot-Studio new homepage!

A short post to announce the new homepage of teapot-studio. It’ll be a better place than here to propose and talk about the tools we develop. The website still needs a bit of fixing, but it should be done soon.

Kudos to Emeline for the design and the integration (responsive design, no less!). I’ll soon move every download links there, so you’d better check it out if you’re interested in gametools or SLS.

On the technical point of view, I deployed a CDN to enhance the performances of the website. It’s a bit overkill for a small website such as this one, but it was the occasion to get used to AWS CloudFront. And it indeed improves the performances. (the actual server is still available with org.teapot-studio.com). DNS settings were a bit touchy, but it seems to work well.

More about it soon!

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Many news!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I didn’t post anything on my blog. As a result, there are plenty of news I’d like to share.

First of all, I fathered my first kid a little more than a month ago. (Which mainly explains why I was so silent on this blog). The name is Akio, and both the mom and the baby are healthy. We’re now both discovering the real value of sleeping…

Celine Piat, from LivingColors took many superb photos of the baby. If you need a professional photographer to take pictures of your wedding/baby/family, I couldn’t recommend you more to check her website.

It’s not the only good news: I also registered Teapot-Hosting as a company. There is sting many things to do, and things don’t go as fast as I wanted, but the business is on its rail. The website was reshaped, business cards were printed, and every user of the service seem to be happy.

As for Teapot, while the hosting is still the main activity, I also planned to release the tools I designed to help me to handle the business. Namely EasyBiz, a piece of software to handle customers/invoices/transactions with many cool features (graphical dashboard, customizable API, reports, plugins…). SLS, The licensing API and the keygen I use to deliver license keys for the Gametools Suite will also be released soon.

I’ll post here as soon as the betas are available.

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Back from holidays

1 week of honeymoon under the sun… Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) is definitely a nice place to be:-)

Here below are few news:

muryel-regard.com is now live! There will probably be improvements in a near futur, but you should take a look to this talented photographer who also happens to be my cousin. The development of this website was also the occasion for me to remove the dust from LCS, the generic lighweight backoffice I developed about a year ago. It is getting quite better now, so I’ll try to post more about it soon. Just for you to know, the idea of this tool is to let you create your website model, and then to insert LCS calls to get dynamic content.

XCross is getting popular, and the sales are not bad despite the fact it is already gone from the “latest entries” section. The trailer is now on both Youtube and Dailymotion, and was already included in several other pages. Picross-Star, our partner is also advertising for us, and several other websites already reviewed it (emuboards.com, gaygamers.net…) Only good comments so far. If you are reviewer and plan to review XCross, don’t hesitate to ask me for marketplace tokens. You’re also welcome if you already did this review.

More infos soon.

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