XCross for XBox available!

After months of dev, tests, and reviews, XCross is finally available on the marketplace.

XCross is the first picross for XBox 360, and comes along with a lot of features : trophies, unlockables, hidden goodies… There is even several free token for ArkX hidden in the game!

We could establish a partnetship with picross-star.fr, and as a result, XCross contains more than 100 impressive picross.

The playlist of XCross is also a key feature : we did our best to have several different ambiances.

We are now hoping the sales will match our expectations, but if you liked picross DS, you should definately check this one out.

In this post I also want to thank all the people who made this release possible:

  • – Nestea, Nao and JLL (Teapot-Studio)
  • – Cyril from picross-star.fr
  • – All the picross creators (chantal-france, Eric Schwarzott, Estelle Martin – catsoun, le_nain_atchoum, poivre13)
  • – Gilles from PremiumBeat.com
  • – PersonneLesConnais (Grégoire Rainotti, Freitag, Joachim Christely, Eric Mansa)
  • – All the playtesters and reviewers from creators-club

More infos about the game HERE.

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XCross : Looking for Picross Creators

As you know, we’re getting closer to release XCross on the XBLA Indie games.

If you like picross, did you ever consider to create some? Here is your chance : create nice picross, send it to me, and we will include the best in the final release of XCross for 360.

Creating a picross is a quite simple process : using your favorite image editor, just create 2 images. The first one is the picross itself, and should be black & white. This first image will be very small, since the size will be the size of the displayed picross. (For instance, if you want to design a 15×15 picross, this first image will be 15×15). The second image is the coloured version of your picross, and should be much bigger (256×256).

For instance, here is an example of a picross:

And here is the coloured version

It took about 20 minutes to produce this using Gimp. (Well, this was my test sample, when I was desperate to see what was yet to be done…)

Do you think you can do it? Try, and send me your creation. I planned to add about 50 more puzzles, from 5×5 to 30×30. If your picross is selected, your name will be added to the credit page of XCross, and you’ll receive a free token of both XCross & ArkX.

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