What about making a blocbuster for XBox 360 together?

Hi everyone

Long time I didn’t post anything about XBox dev here. As you may know, we submited ArkX as a dream build play 2008 entry. Well, it didn’t win, but it helped us to get our hand into XNA and coding for XBox.

Now we will soon release ArkX as a community game. And we are already thinking about the next step : a bigger, better, and more impressive game.

The basic idea is a mix of Fury3, Tyriann and Starflight. To sum up, a first-person spacecraft game, with tons of weapons and upgrades to buy, quests in a vast universe, and many planets to explore/prospect.

We are currently 3 on the project: a 3D modeler, a scenarist/2D artist/manager, and myself (coder), and we’re looking for talented and highly motivated people to help us. Mainly musicians, artists and coders.

Ideally, we will end up in a team of 7 people, the maximum for a DBP entry.

As for rewards, well, first, to be involved in a game for XBox360 is quite a thing. But there is another, more financial goal : There was 70K US$ at stake in DBP 2008… Let’s make something great, and we won’t get unnoticed in the next edition of DBP. And since community games is now opened, in any case we will publish our masterpiece as a Community Game, and income will of course be shared between team members.

So what are you waiting for? enroll!!

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