XCross patch available

The corrected version of XCross is now approved and available on the marketplace. Several issues were fixed, and the “guess mode” implemented. Now you can switch to “guess”, set several blocks (or cross), and commit your guess if it is correct, or rollback if your hypothesis was wrong after all.

There was an ArkX token giveaway on emuboard, and David will probably run another one for XCross soon. Check it out!

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XCross news

First Patch

XCross has been live for one month now, and there was only several issues mentionned in the game forum. While it is a good news, those issue needs to be fixed, so I’m now working on the first patch.


Emuboard recently published 2 very positive reviews : one for XCross, and another one about ArkX. They will also organize a giveaway contest, so check this site if you want a free copy of XCross or ArkX. On a side note, I’d like to thank David Cole, the admin, for the friendly contact we could establish.

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Back from holidays

1 week of honeymoon under the sun… Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) is definitely a nice place to be:-)

Here below are few news:

muryel-regard.com is now live! There will probably be improvements in a near futur, but you should take a look to this talented photographer who also happens to be my cousin. The development of this website was also the occasion for me to remove the dust from LCS, the generic lighweight backoffice I developed about a year ago. It is getting quite better now, so I’ll try to post more about it soon. Just for you to know, the idea of this tool is to let you create your website model, and then to insert LCS calls to get dynamic content.

XCross is getting popular, and the sales are not bad despite the fact it is already gone from the “latest entries” section. The trailer is now on both Youtube and Dailymotion, and was already included in several other pages. Picross-Star, our partner is also advertising for us, and several other websites already reviewed it (emuboards.com, gaygamers.net…) Only good comments so far. If you are reviewer and plan to review XCross, don’t hesitate to ask me for marketplace tokens. You’re also welcome if you already did this review.

More infos soon.

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XCross for XBox available!

After months of dev, tests, and reviews, XCross is finally available on the marketplace.

XCross is the first picross for XBox 360, and comes along with a lot of features : trophies, unlockables, hidden goodies… There is even several free token for ArkX hidden in the game!

We could establish a partnetship with picross-star.fr, and as a result, XCross contains more than 100 impressive picross.

The playlist of XCross is also a key feature : we did our best to have several different ambiances.

We are now hoping the sales will match our expectations, but if you liked picross DS, you should definately check this one out.

In this post I also want to thank all the people who made this release possible:

  • – Nestea, Nao and JLL (Teapot-Studio)
  • – Cyril from picross-star.fr
  • – All the picross creators (chantal-france, Eric Schwarzott, Estelle Martin – catsoun, le_nain_atchoum, poivre13)
  • – Gilles from PremiumBeat.com
  • – PersonneLesConnais (Grégoire Rainotti, Freitag, Joachim Christely, Eric Mansa)
  • – All the playtesters and reviewers from creators-club

More infos about the game HERE.

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