Gametools update!

new release of gametools (1.6.0).

  • – Wider support of texture format (from XNB assets)
  • – Several bug fixed (GXView UI mainly)
  • – Licensing system now using SLS
Working on the 3D model exports. It should be available in the next release. If you got a license for GameTools less than a month ago, contact me and i’ll send you a new one.
As usual, the download link is on the below page

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Gametools 1.5 Released!

Months after the initial release of gametools, I am very pleased to announce the release of the 1.5 version.

What changed? Not much, but a lot in the same time. The biggest modification was in the XNB support. Files are now parsed directly, not loaded in an XNA app to extract things. As a result, many limitations of the 1.0 version were fixed. (loading an asset on a different platform or with different profile for instance). It changed a lot the architecture of GXView. GXView is more stable, and a wider selection of XNB is viewable.

SpriteFont and Audio can now be previewed/extracted! And I expect to be able to load/extract 3D models and cubemaps really soon.

HMEdit can now generate normal maps (here above). So the tool is not only dedicated to landscape generation, but can help you to create good looking materials.

And ScreenBuddy can now batch-create thumbnails. (Useful to create thumbnails out of a folder containing images, or to generate websites thumbnails)

The licensing terms did not change, nor the download page. I want to warmly thank every donator. It really helped to keep this project alive, and I hope you will like this new version.

The download page: here

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Gametools 1.2!

I’m glad to announce the release of GameTools 1.2. As explained in a previous post, the biggest modification is the support of XNA 4.0. GXView has been completely reshaped, and so was the core of the suite.

Another major modification was the licensing model. Until now, the suite had an unlimited trial, and a “pay what you want” license. I decided to keep the “pay what you want”, but to remove the unlimited trial. Several features will now require a valid license to work. On the other hand, the annoying screen was removed, and all the experimental features will remain license free.

I am now working on the next release. Several issues have been reported during the beta, so my priority is to fix them. I also need to update the documentation, and to add software description on the website. Based on my own needs, I had several idea for the next release of gametools: Here below are projects I already prototyped/thought about.

  • – A license manager (something you can use to protect your software, and generate license keys)
  • – An automated builder, to allow you to simply batch build big projects
  • – A php based versionning/source control system
  • – A tool to easily create 3D boxes (like the gametool box here above) and other icon/images.

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you would like to see in the suite.

The homepage of the project didn’t change: You can download the latest version from this page.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who sent money, even when the suite was still in a beta state. It really helped!


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GameTools 1.2 beta

Hi everyone,

A new beta version of gametools is available. The release will follow quickly: I need to fix an issue related to the assetbuilder (only uiedit and hmedit are impacted).
What’s new in this version:

  • – GXView has been completely reshaped. It can now load XNB created with various versions of XNA (from 2.0 to 4.0)
  • – A contact form is now available from most of the suite’s app, to make easier the bug repport/feature request.
  • – several bugs have been fixed.
  • – Trial screen has been removed from most of the app, and replaced with feature limitation.

I’ll keep the project page updated, and will work hard to release a stable version asap. I’d like to thank particularly the people who donated for this project. Aside from the financiary reward, it’s a very good incentive to keep being motivated.

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First game on Windows Phone 7: Kinito!

Here is a screenshot of my first game on windows phone 7. It is currently being tested, but it should be available on the marketplace soon (I hope).

The kinito is a very funny drinking game, playable with dices. On the other hand, it’s usually easy to find friends to play with and alcohol to drink, but dices are less common than smartphones, hence this app.

I’m now thinking to port it to Android.

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