Teapot-Studio new homepage!

A short post to announce the new homepage of teapot-studio. It’ll be a better place than here to propose and talk about the tools we develop. The website still needs a bit of fixing, but it should be done soon.

Kudos to Emeline for the design and the integration (responsive design, no less!). I’ll soon move every download links there, so you’d better check it out if you’re interested in gametools or SLS.

On the technical point of view, I deployed a CDN to enhance the performances of the website. It’s a bit overkill for a small website such as this one, but it was the occasion to get used to AWS CloudFront. And it indeed improves the performances. (the actual server is still available with org.teapot-studio.com). DNS settings were a bit touchy, but it seems to work well.

More about it soon!

2 thoughts on “Teapot-Studio new homepage!

  1. Yo,

    Super le nouveau design, j’aime beaucoup.

    Juste un détail, je suis pas certain que softwareS puisse prendre un S à la fin.
    Je pense que tu peux carrément enlever le s et le sens restera bon (on fait DU logiciel, au lieu de on fait des logiciels). 1 logiciel c’est “a piece of software”, si ma mémoire est bonne.

  2. Ouep, ça fait parti des coups de tournevis à donner. Faut aussi que je le fasse relire par un natif.

    Merci du feedback, je le forward à Line, ca lui fera plaisir:-)

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