The GameTools Suite

Gametools is a set of small apps to help indie game creators and moonlighters. It particularly fits XNA projects, since there is a built in function to build assets into XNB. However, since the file format used by every tool is a very readable XML, it will not be hard to integrate in your projects.

The Tools

HMEdit: A generic heightmap editor
UIEdit: UI Layout editor
GXView: XNB Viewer and converter
Spritemapper: Generate spritemap out of image sequences
ScreenBuddy: A tool to capture your games (screenshot / MPEG4 videos).
TimeIT: Quantify how long you work on a project with TimeIT


This software set is released with a “Pay What You Want” license model. Most of the functions are available with the trial, however several features will require to have a valid license installed.

If you find GameTools convenient and decide to aquire a license, you will pay what you think it’s worth. A valid license key will be sent to your email adress. (it may take a couple of days). The paypal donation system is what fit the best this model. I will send a license key for any donation >=1 euro.



The latest release is available HERE

The avangate product page